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About Us

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An online educational portal that deliver real market needed content. Our main object to give quality education.

From Founder Desk:

The definition of education in our country is always a contradictory object. We always being confused of being educated and literate. Most often School or College degree defines our educational rank.

Why we?

I/We, being from less privileged class, never ever stopped dreaming of some extra-ordinary way of thinking. Most of the online tutorial sites are there which teaches to expert. But, we do understand that you are here because you are one of us who need every information from scratch.

I/We really admire your perception of getting known.


After teaching since 1997, one thing I understand very clearly is, every student has the potential of getting all knowledge. There is no good or bad student, but it depends how, we nurture them. Many often, I saw teachers are focused on saying what they know. But we are focused on what student needs to know. To state the thing in simple word, I/We are promised to deliver, How to think? rather than what to think?

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BJ Road

City: Kalchini, Alipurduar

WB, INDIA, 735217

Corporate Address

Niroula Compound

2nd Mile

Sevok Road, Siliguri

WB, INDIA, 734001

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